About Us

Local discovery and social media tool Wagglez announces its beta launch for this Saturday, November 24, 2012 at Midnight. The tool creates custom recommendations for users and offers discounts with participating merchants. Requests for an invitation to the launch are offered through the Wagglez website.

Wagglez, named for the waggle dance of the honeybee, is a part of the growing trend of social media start-ups looking to create a better user experience than leading competitors, like Facebook and Yelp. Combining crowd-sourced content with a patented algorithm, Wagglez shares locals' recommendations on the best things to do and highest rated businesses in their cities. Wagglez also democratizes the web, allowing any user with minimal computer skills to create monetized pages.

"Our recommendations and ratings for establishments cannot be bought," says Christopher Bell, Wagglez CEO and founder. "Our filters let you set your profile to follow what you want - any time something is added to the database that fits your key terms, you are notified. These filters go with you when you travel. Love karaoke? Step off of a plane in Omaha and know where your interests are in two clicks of a phone app."

On the surface, anyone can visit the local discovery site to find recommendations on things to do or the highest rated businesses in the area. To receive discounts from local businesses, users must sign up for the free tool.

For more enterprising users, Wagglez provides the opportunity to earn money. Registered users can create establishment pages, called "Places," and one-time event pages, called "Events." Wagglez shares half of all proceeds generated from a Place or Event page with the registered user who created the original page. Merchants who partner with Wagglez or sponsor Events can offer exclusive discounts for loyalty program customers as well as discounts for general users, and gain exclusive access to Wagglez analytics.

Wagglez has a defining ethos towards the end-user and local communities. Wagglez protects users' right to privacy, abstaining from the common online practice of tracking user behavior to sell to third-party aggregators. As a part of the mission statement, Wagglez donates 10 percent of all proceeds to local charities.